Jon Mills – Blacksmith, Sculptor, Artist

Short Film

Jon Mills – Blacksmith, Sculptor, Artist

Brief: Production of a short film about Brighton based blacksmith, sculptor and artist Jon Mills detailing his life, work and inspirations.

One of the great things about living and working in Brighton is having access to an incredible array of art and artists on hand. From the Brighton Festival and Open Houses in May to all the music festivals and local artists we really are spoiled for choice on the south coast. At Echo Video we really try to get involved with as many of these local projects and artists as possible as you’ll see from our long term association with the Brighton Festival. So when the opportunity came up to make a video with metal worker Jon Mills we leapt at the chance. I’ve been a long term admirer of Jon’s work and if you’ve walked the streets of Brighton it’s likely you’ve seen it too. But his worked can be found all over the country and he’s even a published children’s author.

We visited Jon at his workshop in Brighton and spent a day with him filming him work and talking to him about his different projects and influences in order to produce a promotional video. It was great to get an understanding of his inspiration and the techniques he uses in his work. His workshop is a great place to film in as it’s full of interesting artefacts and quirky angles to pick out. The video itself came out longer than we would normally expect for a promotional video but we felt this video was for people with a vested interest in the subject so they would remain engaged for longer.

Project Time:

3 weeks

Price Band:



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