MPS Contracts – Sussex Heights

Property Maintenance Contractor promo video

MPS Contracts – Sussex Heights

Brief: To produce an eye catching promotional video to be featured on the new MPS Contracts website that would highlight the range of work that they undertake.

MPS Contracts specialise in property maintenance on buildings that many other firms may consider too difficult to tackle. These include lighthouses in often remote and difficult to access locations as well as high rise buildings. Their preferred approach to tackling maintenance on these properties is to eschew costly and time consuming scaffolding but instead to use rope access and cradle systems.

They contacted Echo Video asking us to produce a video highlighting their work by focusing on a current project at Sussex Heights in Brighton. This 24 storey landmark property was in need of a lot of attention to it’s exterior including masonry repair work, windows replacement, cleaning and painting. This then would prove to be an excellent case study and opportunity to showcase their work.

As with their work, our work in this case was also complicated by a necessity to work from height – trying to capture everything they do hundreds of feet up in the air. During 4 visits to the site, spread over a number of weeks, we captured some great footage using a variety of techniques including long lenses, multiple drones, actions cameras and timelapse. We were even allowed to take a ride in their cradle system in order to shoot some close ups on a gimbal.

We really wanted to show off the difficult and often scary looking working conditions in which MPS have to operate in order to maintain and repair some of these buildings. Being able to do things like fly a small DJI Drone nice and close to workers whilst they abseil down the apartment complex is a great way to get this across and it can make for some stunning footage.

When it came to the edit of the video, we really wanted to create an opening that grabbed the viewer’s interest straight away. So we start with a fairly straight forward shot of a paint brush but very clearly transition to a drone shot as we zoom back over Brighton beach to show how high the painters are. This idea continues throughout the video, we never want viewers to think that what they are seeing is mundane or easy. These specialists are working under very difficult conditions and using speed ramping to jump between close ups and wides angles we can highlight just that.

Project Time:

10 weeks

Price Band:



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