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Pearson | PTE

Brief: A video to help international users on their journey to UK citizenship or settlement.

Echo Video have been working with Pearson since 2018 producing a wide range of content for them across their different departments. This has involved countless interviews with their authors, covering some of their live events across the UK including live streams of awards ceremonies as well as promotional and educational content

What they needed

For this project we were provided with the opportunity to work with a new department at Pearson. Their product is for a non-English language speaking customer who have to fulfill certain criteria when applying for UK citizenship or settlement. As part of that journey they need to prove a certain level of English language ability.

The animation was intended to guide the viewer through the process involved in taking an English language test with Pearson. It was imperative that the information was provided in a clear and concise way in order to make the process as simple as possible for the user. It had to offer guidance to the viewer without overwhelming them and push them toward other resources for further information.

How we approached this project

Working from notes that the client provided for us, we crafted a script and went through an extensive casting process to find the right voice to fit the tone of the video. Someone with a warm, encouraging tone that would also create a sense of authority for the viewer.

Next we needed to create a character who would act as the avatar for the viewer, a character who would be representative of the typical user of their service.  The process involved a lot of collaboration with the client to get the look of the character just right. The design was created to tie in with the existing assets and branding that Pearson currently use for this product. Once the design and look of the video had been worked on we then produced storyboards for the video, lining them up with the script.

Once our illustrator had created the final assets we then got to work animating the video. At each stage of the process – scripting, storyboards, assets design, voice over and animation – we were in constant communication with the client ensuring that each step was agreed upon and signed off before moving onto the next stage.

In this way we can create a well crafted, highly polished product in the time frame and budget that we agreed upon at the outset of the project.

Project Time:

6 weeks

Price Band:



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