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Arun Microelectronics

Brief: To produce a short promotional manufacturing video that introduces Arun Microelectronics, their specialist manufacturing facilities and key product ranges.

Arun Microelectronics Ltd are an engineering firm specialising in the manufacture of components for use in ultra-high vacuum environments such as space exploration and research laboratories. They were looking for a promotional manufacturing video to give potential customers an overview of their company, to get them interested in their products and show off why they are one of the leading companies in their field. As well as appearing on their website they also wanted the video to be used at any potential exhibitions they might attend and also by their regional sales representatives who sell their products all over the world.

The video itself took just one day to film on location at their manufacturing facility in West Sussex, but, as with most video production projects, the bulk of the work actually took place before the shoot.

During the pre-production phase of this project we spent a long time working on not just the narrative but the tone and look of the video. We wanted to present AML as a highly professional, specialist manufacturing firm for whom attention to detail is everything. The products they produce are precisely built and tested in a clean environment and therefore the video should echo that. In order to achieve this precise style and feel we wanted to shoot everything with a very clean look. Not too much in each frame, focusing on one product or procedure at a time and getting the shots just right. In terms of the actual filming, we decided to use a motion control system. This allows us to precisely plan out the movement of the camera and then program it so the movement and focus is exact. This is also a great way to bring movement and energy into a subject that might otherwise be quite static.

The pre-production process also allowed us time to visit the site a couple of times to plan the shoot with the use of storyboards. Although we don’t always adhere exactly to the storyboards, it really helps the client visualise how the final video will look and it’s ideal for working out how the narrative will fit together.

We were working from a script that was initially outlined by AML which we then formed into a narrative piece that told their story clearly and would work well as a voice over.  We undertook a casting call in order to find a voice over artist with a voice that would suit the subject and tone of the video and we settled on using David Vickery.

In addition to presenting the bulk of the information via voice over, AML were also keen to use some on-screen graphics. These were there to pick out certain points of interest in the video and highlight some of the key features from their products. Again, we wanted these to be clean looking and not too intrusive whilst also adhering to the company’s brand guidelines.

All in all we’re really pleased with how the final video came together. We fulfilled the client’s brief for a great looking, engaging promotional video that was less than two minutes long and briefly outlines the company and their products. The smooth running of the project from start to finish can really be attributed to a good amount of lead time, lots of work in the pre-production phase and great communication between both parties throughout.

Project Time:

4 weeks

Price Band:



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