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Brief: To produce a survival story that looked how the SOS Group Hyperlite I decompression chamber saved the life of TV personality, diver and explorer Paul Rose.

SOS Group design and manufacture a range of portable decompression chambers for the dive industry. They offer three models of varying size, from a single person option up to a 3-4 person solution.

SOS Group wanted to create more video content to help raise awareness of their products as well as the dangers of decompression sickness. We decided that one of the best ways to achieve this would be to create an emotive film about someone’s personal story of survival.

The opportunity arose to interview Paul Rose who is an accomplished diver, explorer and TV personality who had had a close shave whilst diving in the remote Beveridge Reef in Niue situated in the South Pacific. Given Paul’s experience, he was a great match for this film because it showed that you can never be too careful and that no matter how experienced you are, danger is always just around the corner.

We travelled down to the DDRC Healthcare in Plymouth, Devon where Paul was taking one of their courses for an upcoming expedition with National Geographic Pristine Seas. We had around an hour with Paul to capture as much content as possible. As he is a seasoned TV presenter the interview went very well. He spoke with confidence about his dive career and journey and openness about the accident and how that Hyperlite I saved his life. We filmed the interview with two cameras as the second close angle is a great tool to use when portraying emotion. Once we finished the interview we then captured a series of product shots which detailed the different components of the Hyperlite I system.

Once we got back into the edit suite our first task was to create an emotive and engaging narrative. This needed to show Paul’s dive experience and his passion for it. This was very important because it illustrated the point that accidents can happen to anyone and it’s always good to prepare for eventualities. We then transition into the accident and how the Hyperlite I was used. Then finished the film with Paul making the point that we would take a portable decompression chamber with him on any expedition and how any diver operating in a remote area should consider taking one too.

Once the narrative was set we then needed to illustrate the film using footage which heightened the story and emotion. Unfortunately the budget couldn’t stretch to a trip out to Niue or any underwater filming we decided to use stock footage. After some research into the right species of animals and types of coastline we were confident that stock footage could be accurate and tell the right story, after all we wouldn’t want to show a species of shark that only lived in the Atlantic!

The final piece of the puzzle was to source some music that had the right feel so once that was done and our original footage of the Hyperlite I was added the story was complete and the client was over the moon with it.

As well as this short version we also created a longer edit because Paul came across so well so if you’d like to dive deeper into Paul’s world here is the long version.

Project Time:

4 weeks

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