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3-axis camera gimbal

Here is our gimbal showreel, throughout the video you’ll see the different setups we have used and also the different types of video we shot with gimbals.

What is a 3-axis camera gimbal I hear you ask!? Well, a 3-axis camera gimbal is an electronic support device that allows the rotation of a camera about three axis. They use sensors and digital motors to cancel out any unwanted movement that a camera gimbal operator may unintentionally put through the gimbal/camera, therefore effectively making the camera float. The unwanted movement is usually the movement caused by someone walking or running.

Smooth camera movement

3-axis camera gimbals are fantastic tools because they can add so much flexibility to a shoot and allow us to film things that weren’t possible (or without a huge budget) not that many years ago. Because the footage is so smooth it makes it very easy for the audience to watch and everything in the shot remains very clear. If we didn’t use a camera gimbal the shot may have a lot of unwanted movement in it, making it harder for the viewer to watch. Having said that, shaky camera movement can be extremely handy as a storytelling tool as it can create a sense of tension and panic.

As well as cancelling out human movement they can also be attached to a number of other film making tools. These can include things like vehicles, to remove unwanted vibrations and rough road surfaces, camera jibs where you need a remote camera head to capture dynamic shots of crowds for example and drones to help remove any unwanted movement due to weather conditions. As I’m sure you can see camera gimbals open up a world of creative possibilities and we certainly love them here at Echo.

Handheld and personal gimbals

As well as the these larger gimbals there are also a few handheld gimbals that can have a huge impact on a video. Two of these that are worth noting are the GoPro Karma gimbal and the DJI Osmo, these very small handheld gimbals are great when space is at a premium or if a lot of travel is required. They are also small and light enough to mount to bikes, cars, people etc and doing this can produce some amazing footage. The video below illustrates this perfectly, look at how smooth the footage is compared to the impacts and vibrations traveling through the riders arms. The rider is wearing a body harness and the gimbal is located on the riders chest.

If you think your next production could be enhanced with a camera gimbal please call Will or Andy or email info@echovideo.co.uk.



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