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The Pros and Cons of a Film Studio

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on location filmingWhenever a new project comes through the door one of the first questions is where does the video need to be filmed. The most common location is at the clients place of work and sometimes a studio is required. If a studio is needed we will always start with a professional film studio as this gives us the most flexibility and ensures a good flow and pace can be to when filming. However, we know that budgets can’t always stretch to a film studio so it’s then our task to look at other options and give recommendations to the client. In this situation we have two options, one would be to investigate whether a studio type backdrop is really necessary and the second option is use our portable studio and set it up at the clients place of work. This can be a great option but it requires the location to match a series of requirements. So, with this in mind I thought it would be helpful if I look at the pros and cons of each.

Film Studio


  • film studioQuiet – Film studios are sound insulated so during a shoot we don’t need to worry about external noises. This improves the flow of filming and also ensures the talent on screen won’t get disturbed mid-way through a take.
  • Space – Studios are always very spacious because filming on a studio background requires quite a bit more space than you might think. This is particularly important when shooting with green screen.
  • No windows – Because studios are fully enclosed spaces they allow us to have complete control over the lighting and look of a scene.
  • It’s a blank canvas – Studios are fairly sparse places when empty so this allows us to dress a scene exactly how we want or we are able to film on a plain coloured or textured background.
  • No interruptions – When you hire a studio it is your space for the duration of the hire time. This means that there will be no interruptions which is great for the production schedule and if the schedule is particularly busy it’s a much a safer bet to avoid over running.


  • Costly – They can seem like an expensive option to the uninitiated but they are worth their weight in gold.
  • Logistics – We usually use studios in London and Brighton so this may result in extra travel and time to get the right people there. We also need to transport all the equipment, props and furniture there which would add to production time.film studio equipment
  • Extra equipment – Because studios are large spaces and the background needs to be lit separately to the talent on screen extra equipment will be required, especially lights.

Portable Film Studie


  • Portable – As this type of studio can be packed down to fit in a car we can come to your home or place of work.
  • Logistics – Even though we need to travel to the location with quite a bit of gear the client doesn’t which saves you time.
  • Cheaper – This option is cheaper than the a film studio but it needs certain criteria to be met.
  • Backdrops – There is a huge selection of backdrops available, from solid colours through to various images.


  • Specific requirements – In order to produce the highest quality work the location needs to meet certain requirements:
    • Quiet – The quieter the location the better. This prevents us having to stop and start due to exterior noises.
    • Spacious – We need a fair amount of space and high ceilings.
    • Exterior light – The fewer windows the better and if there are some it always helps if there are curtains. If the windows can’t be covered we may need to bring drapes with us.
  • Scene size – The backdrops we can transport have a maximum length of 2.45 metres so this limits what we are able to film in front of the backdrop.portable film studio
  • Reshuffle – This isn’t so much of an issue but it’s worth a mention. Because we need so much space for all the equipment there is always a certain amount of reshuffling of furniture to be done!

Hopefully this has been of interest and if you would like further information please don’t hesitate to give Will or Andy a call on 01273 911345 or email us here. We are always happy to discuss requirements and supply quotes free of charge.


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