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Music for Corporate Videos – How we choose the right track

Choosing the right music for corporate videos is incredibly important for any project. Music has the ability to add feeling, pace and further interest to a video and with the choice and pricing options available to us it’s easier than ever to find the perfect track.

In this blog I’ll look at the things we consider when choosing a piece of music and the different outlets we use to source music for our corporate videos, promotional videos and event videos.

The Type of Video

In the pre-production stage we discuss with our client what type of video will be delivered at the end of the project. This is clearly important for many reasons but for music the type of video will have a bearing on what type we need and when we need to find the right track. A quiet background track that adds a little pace and interest can be found later on in the post-production stage. Where as a catchy in your face track that the video is edited to, will need to be sourced before any production work begins because it could have an effect on how we film the video and it’ll obviously have a huge impact on how we edit it.

music for corporate videosEmotion and Feeling

Joy, energetic, optimism, positivity, uplifting, suspense, these are all moods and emotions that music can help portray. It’s important to consider the feel and emotion that the video will portray as music will play a key role in this. The image to the right shows a list that neosounds.com categorises all of their tracks under, as you can see, it’s pretty extensive and gives you a good idea of how exacting we can be when it comes to choosing the right music for a corporate video.

Trial and Error

There is a huge choice of music tracks and many of them will do the same job so it’s important to not settle on the first track you find. We tend to try out three or four tracks and even if we settle for the first one we found at least we know it is the best option. During this stage it’s also important to put each music track on the video rather than listening to them on their own. Each track we try will have a very subtle effect on the footage compared to another and we find that one will just work and help highlight the feeling that the video is portraying.


As well as emotion music is fantastic at adding pace to video. If the music is being used as the main audio in a video and if we’re editing to the beat the music will have a huge impact on the pace of the final video. Even if the music is being used under an interview or talk it can still have a huge impact on the video and help elevate it to the next level.

Complete tracks vs loops

When you purchase royalty free music tracks you have a choice of the full complete track or loops. The full track can be useful as it is quicker to add to a project and in most cases it works very well. Loops on the other hand are segments of the complete track that can be used to piece together your own version of the track. They could be used from beginning to end or to lengthen the complete track. One isn’t necessarily better than the other as it depends on the needs of the project.

Personal Choice

Music is a very personal thing and even if we have selected a track that works really well our client may ask to change it, not because we are wrong but because they have a strong idea on what they want. Sometimes their idea doesn’t come to them until they have heard some music on the video, other times they are very clear from the projects outset. This isn’t a problem at all and as I said earlier in this blog, many tracks will do the same job.

Our Options

During the pre-production stage of a project we would have ascertained what sort of music is required. With this information in hand we can then look in the following places for the best piece of music –

Composer – Hiring a composer for a video production isn’t always necessary but if the music is a key part to the video then it can invaluable. If we needed a track to edit to that had to portray a very particular style or feel we would approach a composer or if we were producing a short film we would hire a composer because the music can make or break a film.

Popular Music Track Licensing – This is the most expensive option as it involves licensing a popular song. A license can be issued for any song if a client is happy to pay the asking price. One word of warning though, the license will come with a lot of stipulations which may hamper the use of the video later on in time. We once licensed a Barry White song for an animation and the license fee was 5 figures!

Production Music – These tracks are ones which have been recorded with real instruments specifically for the film and TV industry. Their prices can vary hugely, from 3 to 4 figures but their licensing isn’t as strict as popular music tracks and can therefore be a good alternative.

Royalty Free Music – This music is the most common in corporate videos as they are sensibly priced and in recent years have actually got pretty good. All the tracks are produced by artists using loops which is why the cost can be kept down. I’d say that 98% of our projects use royalty free music because it’s easy to source them and our clients like the cost! There are a lot of websites selling royalty free music so the choice is huge. The main ones that we are Neo Sounds, Premium Beat and Music Vine.

I hope this been insightful and will help you when you next produce a corporate video. If you’d like to discuss anything that has been covered in this blog or a future corporate video please give Will or Andy a call on 01273 911345 or drop them an email.

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