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The advantages of Drone Aerial Filming

I expect you have heard about drones in the media over the last year or so, whether they were micro toy drones getting tangled up in the pet dog at Christmas or large professional ones used by TV and video production companies. Well, the toy ones are a lot of fun but in this blog I’m going to look at some of the advantages of drone aerial filming when used in a corporate or promotional video.

The WOW Factor

With the large quantities of video being uploaded everyday to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Drones allow us to capture angles that otherwise wouldn’t be possible (except for a helicopter, but they are very expensive) and these angles can make for some grand and dynamic imagery that will help tell your story.

Establishing Shots and Extreme wides

Imagine the scene, a large construction site with teams of people working at different levels using different machinery including a very large crane. Now, you want to show off the scale of this construction site so that you can cement yourself as a leader in your field to help secure future projects. Using a drone we would be able to show all of the different levels of the construction site and as we are able to film from outside the building and up off the ground we would be able to shoot content that would otherwise be very difficult or even impossible to capture. Using a drone at a site like this would also enable us to film the cranes towering over head.

Another scene might be a huge oil field or open pit mine which covers 1000’s of hectares. A drone would allow us to shoot an elevated wide shot of the whole site to help portray the scale of your operation and another shot could be a fly-over to show how busy it is down on the ground.

Tracking movement over any terrain

For products that move a drone is a very helpful piece of kit as it helps to show how much fun the viewer could have if they purchased the product, whether it’s a car, superyacht or even a dune buggy. A drone would allow us to follow a 4×4 SUV along a dirt road or a superyacht cruising along the Cote D’Azur or between the Virgin Islands. These types of shots wouldn’t be possible without the use of a much more expensive manned helicopter and they would help show the viewer what kind of life and experiences they could have if they owned one.

Beautiful landscapes

If you’re a Heritage Trust, a county council or golf club drones can be fantastic tools to help capture the landscape and setting of your property. As we are based in Brighton imagine a shot flying over the the Severn Sisters or Beachy head, it would be a majestic and awe inspiring addition to a promotional film about Sussex or even the UK as whole.

I hope this blog has demonstrated some of what is achievable when using a drone. If you think your next video could be enhanced by some drone aerial filming please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.

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