New Video Production Brief

Video production brief

When you’re having a video produced the last thing you’re going to want is an unexpected cost. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that both the client and video production company know exactly what is expected before production starts. That’s why, here at Echo Video we always insist on getting a clear brief on what the client would like from the video before the ever discuss the price.
Some clients get concerned about how to write a clear brief and are worried that they won’t include enough information, that’s why we’ve produced a simple form for our clients to fill in. We send this out before all of our video productions to help streamline and simplify this process. By completing it we then get a picture of what kind of video our client wants and we can provide them an accurate price for the work. Here’s a quick guide to completing our video production brief form.


Simply a good way of summarising the video to help identify the project. Particularly helpful if we’re producing multiple videos for the same client.


What’s the aim of the video? Is it a promo video or an instructional video? What do you need it to do for you? e.g. We want to produce a short video that helps promote our newest product range

Target Audience

In some cases you might not have an audience in mind but it can be really helpful. If the video is going to be on your website then it could be targeted at people who are already interested in what you do and want to know more, or it might need to have a broader appeal and attract viewers with no knowledge of the subject at all.

Primary Video Contents

Is there a central part to the video such as an interview with the CEO and other staff members or an animation?

Secondary Video Contents

This might not be applicable to all projects but this is where you would note down what else you want included in your video. This could include an animated logo, voice over, background music, exterior shots of your office, stock newsreel footage. Anything that will add flavour to your video production.


If you need Echo Video to work on concept development, script writing, storyboarding or visit a possible filming location then ticket the appropriate boxes.

Filming locations

If we’re going to have to fly to Spain it would be helpful to know so we can price it up accordingly.

Deadline date

If you have a target to hit then we need to know

Maximum length

Some people don’t want a video to be longer than 60 seconds, some people are looking to produce an epic. We need to know to we can work out how long we need to edit the video.

Delivery Platform

Youtube, DVD, Blu-ray etc

Examples and Notes

If you’ve seen a video or style you particularly like then include a link to it. This will give us a great idea of what you want to achieve with this video production. Also any notes on logistics or any ideas you might have just jot them down and let us know.

For more information on how Echo Video can help you produce your next video please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.

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