Training Video Production

Engage, Instruct and Inspire

Get your message across to your customers and staff (and make sure it sticks!) with a great looking training video production from Echo Video.


Who reads manuals anyway? Avoid confusing and expensive printed guides by providing comprehensive instructional videos for your products. A training video production could save you money and make the out-of-box-experience as good as possible for your customers.


Recently updated your IT system? Got new health and safety protocols? Or maybe there’s a new lunch time rota. Whatever the reason, a training video is the ideal way to communicate to your staff in a clear and concise manner, ensuring no confusion.

A training video can take the place of a boring text document or time consuming training session. It will capture and hold the attention of your audience and ensure that they effectively learn and retain the information.

If a picture paints a thousand words then it would take a full fledged novel to try and get over what Echo Video can do in minutes with a training video. Let’s face it, video is just better at explaining complex (or even simple) processes than text ever will be. You can actually show someone how it works in extreme detail if necessary and people can watch it in their own time and learn at their own pace.

Practical demonstrations are great to be shown on video but animation works just as well. In fact when it comes to explaining workflows or somewhat obscure concepts then an animated training video may even be preferable.

Your clients can also benefit from training and instructional videos. Whether you’re business-to-business or customer facing, it’s imperative that you provide the right online resources to make using your products or services a doddle. A great after sales experience will keep customers coming back time and time again.

Video content is one of the best and most cost effective ways to answer those FAQs and fill out the troubleshooting area on your website. Even though training videos can be quite simple they can really help with your overall web presence and increase your social media engagement. What’s not to like?

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