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4 quick fire trends to look out for in video marketing

Video trends 2016

I expect you are all very busy getting back into the swing of things after the relaxing Christmas break so I wanted to keep this blog short and sweet . 2015 was a great year for video marketing and things are only set to get better throughout 2016.

We can’t wait to see what video marketing in 2016 holds and we’re hoping the forecasts below play out.

Online Video Advertising

Video advertising has been around for awhile on sites such as YouTube but it seems that search engines are looking at the possibility of including video ads within their search results. If this happens it could be huge for video marketing and companies who want to use videos, it’ll be the point when video advertising takes over the more traditional forms of advertising, such as copy.

Virtual Reality (VR)

With the release of Oculus Rift only months away VR will soon be a reality. This will allow a viewer to have a truly immersive experience whilst watching videos or playing games. Imagine if one of your customers could view a virtual showroom or walk around a house filled with your interior design products. As an example of this, last year we worked for a flooring company called Quick-Step who had a development kit for the Oculus Rift. They were using it to test the idea of using VR to enable perspective customers to view different types of flooring in different styles of houses. See it in action here – Quick-Step VR Video.

360 degree videos

These are an off shoot of virtual reality but can be very useful in their own right. Using a special camera or multiple cameras on a special rig we are able to record a full 360 degree view from a single point whether it’s stationary or moving. These videos are fantastic at putting the viewer in the centre of the action as this clip of an American Blue Angels aerial demonstration shows or for promoting an event that you are running like this from the Samsung exhibition stand at CES 2016.


In 2015 mobile internet traffic finally overtook desktop traffic and around 50% of video views were from mobile devices. This is only set to rise in 2016 so if you want your video campaign to perform well it’s imperative to consider what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to producing videos for playback on smartphones and tablets.

If you are interested in any of these trends or would like to discuss a video production please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.

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