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Here at Echo we have the perfect set of construction industry video services. These include, traditional ground filming, aerial filming and photography using both drones and helicopters, long and short term fully managed timelapse installations, stabilised camera systems and a strong love for narrative. We’ve been lucky enough to work on numerous construction projects which highlight our ability to tell a strong story and the different production techniques we use –

  • Brighton Corn Exchange – Grade 1 Listed Redevelopment– we have two long term timelapse cameras installed in the Corn Exchange which are capturing the continuing redevelopment work and we have produced a series of videos about different elements of the build.
  • Woodmans – Promotional Video– A local high-end construction company that work on architect designed house renovations and extensions, including grade II listed properties. The video will be used to introduce the company to new architect firms for future collaboration on projects.
  • Smart Sash – This is a short and simple video that illustrates the time and effort that goes into each of the handmade sash windows that Smart Sash produce.

In this blog I’m going to look at the main videos types that a construction or engineering company could use to help market their services, to market the end product, education and engage with local communities and educate new employees to a construction site.

Long and Short Term Timelapse

Timelapse videos are the best way to demonstrate the construction of a building or an engineering project because from one fixed point the viewer can see the structure rise out of the ground in a matter of seconds. They work very well as standalone videos but also as sequences within broader videos about the project.

Our systems are fully weatherproof and are connected to the 4G network so we can manage the system remotely and download the captured images. This is a great way for us to save time and therefore save you money as it reduces the amount of site visits we need and if there was an issue it would reduce the amount of downtime.

Drone Filming and Photography

Drones are a fantastic asset to many construction video projects because they allow us to capture angles that were once only achievable through the use of a helicopter and expensive aerial camera system. Occasionally a project will require a helicopter but there is no need to worry as we can advise and organise everything that is required. Drones allow us to capture content that truly has the wow factor for a hugely reduced rate compared to helicopters.

Construction projects lend themselves particularly well to drones because of their size, both horizontally and vertically on some sites. If you’re building a tower block or the latest skyscraper, aerial footage really is the only way to illustrate the true scale of such a project. We’re also able to film workers working at height and these shots can be incredibly dynamic. The location of a construction site can be very important in some instances and with a drone we can capture majestic wide shots that show how the site sits and interacts with its surroundings.

As well as the production of marketing videos drones can be used for surveying purposes as well.

Construction Company Promotional Videos

It’s a well known fact that video is the most engaging form of marketing so it’s imperative that business owners take full advantage of its benefits. For the building trade a video is a very powerful tool because it can highlight the different trades and crafts involved in a project, it shows the viewer the companies working practices and it’s the perfect way to show off the finished building as the movement we can incorporate into a shot is a lot more dynamic and interesting compared to a photo. If interviews are used then these will incorporate an element of trust and client testimonials can add a further layer of trust and professionalism and are a lot more sincere than written testimonials.

Land Development Photography CGI

We’ve carried out various aerial photo shoots for land development and construction companies. These photos are a very important part of the development and construction process and they can be used in various ways.

Community Briefings – These briefings are extremely important to the majority of large scale construction projects and by combining our aerial photography and CGI services the audience can get a good feel for how the development will look once complete.

Historical records – Sometimes it’s important to keep records of how something once looked. Aerial photography and video are a great option so you can capture the land or building from a unique viewpoint.

Sales brochures – Land tends to be quite a big area so it can be tricky to get the perfect shot for a sales brochure. Drone photography is the perfect solution as the elevated point of view ensures that the photo will be wide enough to include the entire area, and if it’s not then we can take multiple photographs and stitch them together.

Property Brand Films

Have you just built an architecturally stunning new building in the centre of an up and coming city or an apartment block with stunning views? If so a brand film could be an excellent addition to your marketing. Brand films are an indirect sales tool which shows a potential tenant what life could be like if they were to live or work in your building. This gives us the chance to be incredibly creative with our story telling and how we shoot the video.

Property Promotional Videos

When selling substantial properties, whether it’s a private home or a commercial unit within a business park, video is an excellent way to show what it is you’re offering. Compared to photos, video is able to bring the location to life and tell a much more in-depth story and the movement that video allows keeps the viewer watching and immersed in the location you are selling.

Community Support Videos

The community that surrounds a new development are perhaps the most important stakeholders of the project. They are the ones that need to live with the noise and disruption during the works so it’s key for a construction company to be transparent with them and to have an open door policy. Video is a fantastic tool for this type of communication because it is clear, concise and portrays emotion extremely well. It also gives you the opportunity to show the local community areas of the project that they can’t see and using CGI you can demonstrate how the development will look once completed.

Site induction videos

This type of video can extremely useful for large construction and civil engineering companies that have a large workforce and/or use agency workers. These videos can outline general health & safety issues as well as specific considerations and dangers for the site it is being shown on. Induction videos help to engage an audience so the messages stick and they can illustrate scenarios a lot more effectively than images and descriptions.

I hope this blog about our construction industry video services has been interesting and given you something to think about when organising your next (or first) video production. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a new video project please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 911345 or email us.

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