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How to promote your video

Promoting your video

When looking through video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo it always amazes me when I see a promotional video that doesn’t have an effective title, no description and no tags. It makes no sense because I’m sure a good portion of the companies marketing budget would have been spent on it and an awful lot of time organising it too. If you had a beautiful brochure produced you wouldn’t leave it in the cupboard would you? You would be trying to get it in front of as many perspective customers as possible. The same goes for a website, you would want to get it ranking high in Google and other search engines so customers can easily find it. The same goes for video so in this blog I’m going to look a several things you can do to help gain more views so your video can work for you in the way it was meant to. I won’t be explaining how to do it as it’ll end up being a book but I will link to other blogs we have written for further reading.


Uploading your video to a video sharing site is probably the most obvious thing to do first and I expect YouTube is the first one you think of. This is a great idea but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Once the video in on YouTube you must make sure that it has a captivating title that says what the video is, a interesting description which is clear and contains strong keywords and a selection of strong tags. To take it one step further you should also include call to actions by using YouTube’s annotations and cards. To find out how to do all this please read our blog – YouTube Optimisation – A How To Guide. And for further reading please on this subject please read – 8 Tips To Help Improve Your YouTube Advertising Campaign.


Embed your video on your website as this will hold visitors on your site for longer and increase it’s SEO. It’s also important to embed the video on the correct page of your website. If it’s an overview video place it above the fold on the homepage but if it’s about a specific product or service embed it on the relevent page. For further reading on this topic please see out blog – Where On My Website Should I Put My Lovely New Video?


Emails are a great way of sharing your video, just think how many emails you send a day, a week or even a month. Initially when the video is first released you could send out a newsletter with a link to the video in it and a clear instruction to watch it. Once that has been done include a link to the video in your email signature as this will give people an additional way of viewing it.

Share it

Social media is an incredible outlet for marketing in this digital age. Share your video on all the sites including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc. All these site help to get your video in front of people and they enable those people to share them easily with their following.


As well as uploading your video to video sharing sites you should also upload it to Facebook. This will enable the video to start playing when someone scrolls past it on their news feed.


Bloggers and press releases can be another strong way to get your video seen and the good thing about this option is that it can be targeted at the right group of people.

Trade Shows

If you regularly attend trade shows why not include a screen on your stand and have your video playing on a loop. This can help catch peoples attention from across the room and will make your stand stand out from the crowd.

I hope this has demonstrated how important it is to actively promote your video once it has been completed. If you would like anymore information about this or video production as a whole please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.

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