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How to use video to enhance your social networking

Greetings to all out there in video land and welcome to our latest blog. We’re planning to keep you up to speed with our news and views and this blog concerns, ahem, why we think that having a good quality, content-rich video on your site or elsewhere is a really good idea.

A clear website layout, well written text and quality images are very important but we’ve been doing our homework to find out why video is so effective (from E-marketer):

  • 90% of internet users back out of a text site within about 5 seconds, compared to just 60% if a video is on the home page. That’s an increase of 400% if a video is present.
  • Browsers linger for an average of 42 seconds on a text site, versus 5 minutes on a video site. That’s an 833% increase if a video is there. Yes, 833%.

So, a video is without a doubt good at reducing the dreaded ‘bounce rate’, that is when people land on your Home page, lose interest and go elsewhere. You don’t want that.

Video used to be a bit of a snazzy add-on feature in e-commerce sites, but this is no longer the case and now it’s de rigeur for brand identification, credibility, social media and well, everything really.

Here’s why:

Given that the person who knows most about your business is you and let’s face it, you also know an awful lot about the industry you work in, video is highly effective in establishing you as an expert. Why not give a short presentation on a new product? Or explain something ‘tricky’, a subject little understood within your sector, perhaps – in words of one syllable? An engaging video will add value to your marketing message and gets you some pretty good exposure.

If you want to reach out to your target market then it’s all about sharing. On social media, that is, and as part of an effective marketing strategy, video can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. Videos can be shared on a number of social networking and video sharing sites, so you don’t just need to have a video on your website itself. Neat. What’s more, many video sharing sites enable access to statistics to see how well your video is doing, how many people have seen it and where it’s being watched so that you can work out who your target audience is.

And, did you know that the search term ‘how to’ is by far the most used within YouTube, so product demonstrations or testimonials are a sure fire way for you to move potential customers into the ‘much more likely to buy’ category. A word to the wise: Google now owns YouTube so a well optimised video will come up naturally in search engine results. Now that’s worth thinking about isn’t it?

Echo Video designs, produces and edits great videos and we love what we do. To find out more, call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345.

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