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A short while ago I wrote a blog about how videos can be re-purposed multiple times over to use in different mediums and for different audiences. This obviously gives added value to any video content and dramatically increases the ROI. One of the areas that I mentioned briefly in that blog was using those videos on different platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and pretty much all other social media channels and that’s a subject I wanted to return to in more detail here.

Social media videos

In 2015 Twitter averaged 305 million active monthly users, Facebook averaged 1.59 billion and YouTube averaged 1 billion active users per month. These are colossal figures but they do illustrate why you need to stand out from crowd when marketing your services or products through social media video. They also help demonstrate how much content users have at their finger tips and why attention spans are so short. Below I will look at the differences between the audiences of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and show examples from one of our latest projects. Culture Collector are a Brighton based home wares company and they wanted a series of videos for use across social media which we were able to craft from the same footage using different editing techniques.

Videos for Twitters

Twitter has recently gone through quite a few changes and one of them is key for using using rich content such as video. In the old version of Twitter a video could only be viewed via a link to a third party website such as YouTube or Vimeo. This in the eyes of Twitter users was long winded and slow so now with the new Twitter a video will play within the Twitter feed. This is important because it captures the attention of the user and if the first few seconds are interesting you’ll have them hooked. Another important aspect to bear in mind is that Twitter is a micro-blogging platform so your videos should be short and to the point, between 0.5 seconds and 30 seconds, similar to the limited characters we are all accustomed to when writing a tweet. You must also consider the frame size and bit rate of a video, Twitter is primarily designed to playback video capture on mobile devices so professionally produced videos need to match these sorts of settings, have a look at this website for these tech specs.

Culture Collector Twitter version

Videos for Facebook

Facebook can be a great place to share your videos but there are a few things you must consider. The first is that Facebook users are very savvy and can see a sales pitch from a mile off so make sure your video is either inspirational, educational or entertaining. Secondly keep it short and to the point because roughly 30% of Facebook’s 1.59 billion users login exclusively from mobile devices so you don’t want your video to take an age to start stream. Thirdly you must upload your video directly to Facebook rather than linking to a third party site. This allows the video to start playing automatically when a viewer scrolls past it which is a great bonus for marketeers. One thing to bear mind is that sound only starts playing if the user taps on the video to make it full screen so make sure the beginning of your story can be told silently.

Culture Collector Facebook version

Videos for YouTube

YouTube (as I’m sure you’re aware) is a video sharing platform which gives you an advantage as it means anyone using the site is there to watch videos. However, that is no guarantee that they are going to be prepared to sit through a long, drawn out, boring video. You really need to grab the viewers in the first few seconds to stop them from clicking onto the next video. A big way to get someone to click on your video in the first place is to really think about what thumbnail you’re using to promote your video. An uninteresting or slightly blurry still from your video is unlikely to get someone excited so pay close attention to it and for more hints on getting your YouTube video seen check out our guide.

Culture Collector YouTube version

Videos for Instagram

Like Facebook, videos on Instagram load and start playing automatically without any sound. However, unlike Facebook, Instagram is accessed almost exclusively through phones which means that there should be even more emphasis on short, eye catching videos. As people might be watching these videos when they’re out and about, the file sizes need to be kept to a minimum to ensure they load quickly. This might mean that the video quality is lower than usual which should lead you to use large, strong images. For this video we decided in order to keep the video as short as possible whilst still telling the full story we would present the video in split screen.

Culture Collector Instagram videos

I hope this has helped to show how important these platforms can be in a video marketing and social media marketing campaign. So, if you would like to discuss your next video for a social media marketing campaign please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.


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