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Top 10 Awesome Product Animation Videos

If you have a product that you want to sell then product animation videos should be an avenue that you explore. Video is an extremely important part any marketing campaign so hopefully this blog will give you some inspiration for your next animated video production. By using animation you have all most unbounded possibilities because you aren’t restrained by real life and physics!

Below are our top 10 product animation videos that we think use this medium to it’s fullest potential…we hope you enjoy!

The humorous product animation video

FridaBaby – The Snotsucker

FridaBaby has a very quirky and funny brand style and message, you only need to spend 30 seconds on their website to see this. Their animation for the Snotsucker matches their brand perfectly and animation is the perfect medium to portray their style of humor. On the face of it the Snotsucker isn’t the most exciting product but it’s name certainly helps to add the fun factor and the scenarios you will find yourself in when using the product can have a certain comedic value.

The animated product overview

Apple – Meet iPhone x

This list wouldn’t be complete without an Apple video in it as they are one of the masters of sleek lines, clean white backgrounds and beautifully rendered 3D models. This video is a bit of an impostor as it also contains live action, but I think it does a great job in merging the two techniques. This video gives the viewer an excellent overview of the products features and it is presented in a way that keeps you watching to the end because the editing has so much pace to it.

The exploded 3D animated product overview

Ryobi – Brushless Technology

The content in this video is a little dry but I feel it deserves a place on this list because it does the exploded 3D animation very well. As well as the more technical and mechanical parts it also contains the important human element to help explain the ergonomic grip and the hand and arm have been designed in a very creative way. With the inclusion of text animations and a voice over this video is a well rounded overview of why this drill will last.

The artistic stop motion animation product video

Honda – ‘Paper’

This stop motion animation is simply a work of art. Honda are well known for their intricacy in design and their mission to continually strive forward in their various markets. This video reflects that perfectly, stop motion animation is time consuming, it’s an exact art and the artwork they have used is very intricate in it’s design. The story is a look through their history and how they have got to where they are today, including some of their motor racing heritage.

Another interesting point about this video is that a selection of artists where asked to contribute to it which perfectly reflects how Honda tackles all of it’s projects.

The conceptual animated product video/h2>
Nike – Air Max 2017

This is a short conceptual video for the Nike Air Max range from 2017. It’s a fantastically creative animated product video and it reflects the product perfectly. The flow and continual movement is a reflection of running and all the different textures within the video are a representation of the feel you would expect to get from the world famous Air Max platform.

The quirky product animation video

This example is more of a traditional 2D animation. It has quirky elements to elevate the content and it has a character to bring the human touch. The subject isn’t the most exciting but the animation style and the character bring an extra interest which helps keep the viewers attention.

The simple yet stylish animated product video

Tommy John

Tommy John have taken the humble undershirt/vest and have improved it for the modern man. A pretty simple idea with no fuss, much like the video. The animation starts off in a very simple way but gradually becomes more complex as the features of the undershirt are explained. They have done a great job in visualising the different features of the undershirt and they have introduced humor which helps propel the video along.

The determined product animation video

Training Mask 3.0

The product this animated product video is about is for serious athletes who mean business when they train. The video definitely has a ‘no holds barred’ feel to it, the industrial sounding, up tempo music and the colour pallet which add drama, a reflection of the drama you might expect from a full-on, energy sapping training session. Even with all this going on the video still manages to portray the products features in a clear and easily understood way.

The ethically emotive product animation video


This video isn’t an animated product video directly for Chipotle.com, it’s for the food products they use within their products so it’s still very important for their customers. It tells a fantastic emotive story and has a very strong ethical message with helps promote trust and credibility.

The whiteboard animated product video

Breton Gluten Free

It wouldn’t be right to not include a whiteboard style animation. This one is particularly good because it has great artwork and it does two things at once, it advertises their gluten free biscuit and tells a customer success story. Having a video told from a customers point of view is very powerful because the viewer will instantly think that it’ll work for them as it has done for the other customer. Another nice touch is that the only colour in the video is used on the positive aspects of the design which helps to take the viewer on the journey that Breton wants the viewers to go on.

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration for your next product animation video and a good idea of the different types of animation that are possible. The other key take away from this post is how important it is to tie your animation in to your brand and company ethos. With a bit of thought and creativity it doesn’t just have to be your brand colours!

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