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Trending Videos

Trending videos can be a great addition to a video marketing plan because they show that you have your finger on the pulse of the latest developments within your sector.

Free content

Trending videos fall in to the ‘free content’ category, they don’t directly sell but help to portray you as an industry specialist and they look to increase trust within your brand. In order for these types of video to work they need to fulfil certain criteria –

  • They should be current and relevant to a particular sector
  • They should be thought provoking and ideally leave the viewer asking questions
  • Any presenters or participants must be industry leaders
  • The video(s) should have a good pace to them and be easy to watch

The video below was the introduction to a 5 part series and they were used within a report eCommera were writing for their website. In order for people to view the report and all of the videos they had to submit their email addresses. This way of getting yourself in front of potential customers is a great way for businesses to open new doors and start selling their wares directly to people who have an interest in your sector.

This video was filmed in the basement bar of trendy Soho whisky shop Milroy’s. We filmed an introduction with the presenter, talking head with the guests and finally a round table discussion. All of this produced some great content that was sent out to colleagues, partners and clients.

eCommera – Trending videos

Type of video: Trending Video Series
Brief: To produce a series of 5 videos that feature an economist, a business psychologist and a futurologist debating what retailers should do to help their business perform better in 2017.
Services: Filming | Transcription | Video editing | Motion graphics | Colour Grading
Approximate Project Time: 2-3 weeks
Price Band: £2,500+

If the idea of free content and trends interests you please get in touch with Will or Andy on 01273 911345 or email them to discuss your project.

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