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What a Full Video Marketing Campaign May Look Like

We produce all sorts of content for our clients, these can be one-off corporate or promotional videos or full video marketing campaigns that include a corporate overview video, various product videos and some instructional videos.

The idea of a full video marketing campaign is to produce a range of videos that supports a product throughout it’s entire life and to explain and educate potential clients about the business behind the product. In this blog I want to take you through an example of what a full video marketing campaign could look like using a manufacturing company as an axample.

A Corporate Overview Video

This type of video is used to explain your business to potential customers, potential shareholders and stakeholders. There are two options for this, one is to produce a video that covers all aspects of the business and the second is to break it down into different sections and produce a series of videos. This really depends on the size of your business and how many policies are particularly important to you.

The areas to consider are as follows –

  • Allow the viewer to meet the key directors/owners/managers. This can be done simply through an on camera interview, by showing a human face you instantly start building trust with the viewers.
  • Set out your ethos and business ethics. If they struck a chord with a viewer then you could keep them for a very long time.
  • Introduce any policies and awards you are proud of. This could be something about your green credentials or ISO standards.
  • Give a brief overview of the factory where the product is manufactured and show your workforce.
  • If you have the latest technology that puts you above the competition then this can be mentioned
  • Show a brief overview of the products on offer and give a very general overview of how they can improve your business and life.

As you can see there is potential to have an awful lot of content in this video so in some cases you can see why it might need to be broken up. (For more information on corporate video production click here)

Internal Communications

If you are a large manufacturing company and have a big workforce then a video can be a very engaging and when done properly entertaining way of telling the workforce about any employment changes or news they may be of interest to them.

Another video I’ll briefly touch upon is an employment video, it’s not strictly internal communications but does play a similar role. This video would a shortened version of your corporate overview video with the core message outlining why workers would want to work at your company. (For more information on internal communication videos click here)

Product Pre-Launch and Launch Videos

Before a new product is ready to launch you might want to think about drumming up some pre-launch excitement and PR around it. A carefully crafted video using a prototype or a 3D animation could be just the ticket. (For more information on the benefits of 3D animation click here)

Promotional Product Video

When the product is released you obviously want to sell as many as you can so this where the product videos come in. There are many ways to do promotional product videos but the main message is to explain the key features of the product and how it will make the purchasers life easier and cheaper. Here are a few points to consider –

  • If the product is an interactive one, show someone interacting with it.
  • Include beauty shots of the product so it makes people want to buy it or strive towards it.
  • Highlight the products USPs
  • If there is an member of the team who has real passion for the product, include them in the video so people can see how much it means to them and you as a company.

(For more information on promotional video production click here)

Instructional Videos

Once the product is out there and being used it is likely that at some point it will need repairing. This is your chance to keep of hold of those customers by making it as easy as possible for them to keep their beloved product working to the best of it’s ability. Instructional videos can easily and quickly explain repair processes to customers their down time is minimised as much as possible. You could also consider using 3D animation to help educate your customers bout how the internals of the product work. (For more information on instructional videos click here)

Customer Testimonials

Once the product has been well tested by your customers a great addition to your marketing campaign could be customer testimonial videos. These videos are short snippets featuring your customers explaining why they like the product and how it has helped them. The reason these work is because they are real, they show real people talking about real-life. They help enhance trust in your business and product and they can be very aspirational if done correctly.

I hope this has been of some help and not everything I have mentioned here needs to be included in a video marketing campaign for it to do well. At the end of the day your business type, product and budget will dictate how many of these videos will be required.

If you would like to discuss a full video marketing campaign for your business or even a one-off video please call Will or Andy on 01273 911345 or email them here as they will be glad to help.

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