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Video marketing crisis solutions for the Covid-19 outbreak

It’s extraordinary times in the UK at the moment and the Covid-19 outbreak is only going to get worse so it’s important that we prepare ourselves as best we can so that we can keep the economy going as well as it can do, as after all this could potentially rumble on in to next year. Businesses are already facing some very challenging decisions and even we have been affected but there is hope out there if you know where to look for it.

This blog is going to look at how certain types of video marketing can help businesses through these unprecedented times. They won’t find a cure for Covid-19 or solve global warming but if they help one company survive or allow employees to increase their productivity then that’s a good start. So below are a few video marketing crisis solutions to help you carry on with business and who knows, they might be the new way of doing things once we overcome this Covid-19 outbreak.

Live Streaming and Web Casting

live stream servicesIf your workforce needs to work from home or important meetings and presentations have been cancelled live streaming may be a good option to keep workers and stakeholders up to date with the latest developments. The advantage of live streaming for this particular messaging is that it’s much more personal than an email and in the current climate workers would appreciate that human element as they could take solace from the presenters demeanor.

Conferences and live events is another area that could benefit from live streaming. If one has been cancelled then you could look into streaming each of the presentations from a central point so all those delegates who were planning on attending can tune in.

If schools, college and universities close then online learning could be an extremely important option to offer students. There are many ways to achieve this but the core of all of them is live streaming. One of the many beauties of live streaming is that it can scaled up or down depending on the budget so it’s definitely worth a thought.

Live streaming is now a much simpler process because the equipment has got a lot smaller so it can be transported much more easily and there are a host of free online streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live which allow you to interact with live commenting and have a private feature so a selected audience can view it. Live streaming can take place more or less anywhere as well and if there isn’t an internet connection then a good live streaming service provider should be able to supply a 4G connection which gives you a huge amount of scope.


video-animationCorporate animations are a fantastic option at any time as they allow you to inform your audience in a visually interesting way and they are particularly good if you need to illustrate something that traditional filming techniques aren’t able to achieve or would be cost prohibitive. In these extraordinary times and with the possibility of lock-downs animations can be produced remotely, so you could continue promoting your products and services, therefore being ready and in a good position for when things begin to return to normal.

Skype Interviews

If it comes to it and we all get locked-down then Skype interviews could become extremely important. The idea here would be conduct interviews over Skype and then edit them, add graphics and titles so it can look as professional as possible. This is all fairly easy stuff to do but by letting a video production company take care of it, you can focus on the really important aspects of your role, as lets face it, I’m sure we will all be under a huge amount of pressure.


re-editsIf you have a library of footage then it might be worth looking to refresh some of your videos or create new videos with old content. This would enable you to continue feeding your audience with content and would be especially important for social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. If you don’t have all your video content in a library then the video production company that you have used in the past should have it all on file and be happy to send it to you or work with you to create the new videos.

I hope this has given you a few ideas and shows that not all business tasks need to stop. If you have a video production company that you work with then I’m sure they can offer advice on each of these areas. However, if you’d like to chat to us about your options then please email us at info@echovideo.co.uk, or call us on our mobiles – Will 07968 335527, Andy – 07816 320414.

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