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Video Marketing – The Importance of using the Right Content

With video marketing growing in popularity year after year it’s more important than ever to make sure the content of your videos is right for the specific role you want them to play within your marketing campaign. Whether you want to build-up lots of views and drive traffic to your website, back-up your product pages with videos or produceåÊa video that goes viral across social media you need to understandåÊwhat makes your intended audience tick and then tailor the script accordingly.

In this blog I’m going to take you through a few of the more popular video types and the jobs they are best suited at.

Sales led product videos

Sales lead product videosåÊcan be great when embedded on product pages withinåÊyour website as they can give the viewer a brief overview of what the product has to offer and the various options open to them. These can also be uploaded to sites such as YouTube but don’t expect them to be shared around and for the views to reach the tens or hundreds of thousands. The reason for this is that viewers are very savvy these days and can spot a hard sell a mile off.

InstructionalåÊand ‘How To’ videos

Instructional and ‘How To’ videos are perfect for social media sharing and sites such as YouTube because they show that your company care about customers and not just their wallets. The content for these types of videos can vary from how to set-up a product or fix something to styling advice and the latest fashions. These videos will help cement you as professionals in your field and that helps to enhance trust which is the secret to return business.

Viral videos

Viral videos can be incredibly beneficial when they are produced correctly because they can make a brand extremely popular very quickly. They are perfect for todays social media and video sharing sites as they allow your viral video to be shared thousands if not millions of times and the views will reflect this. Bloggers can pick them up and write about them and if the video is particularly good it may well feature in top 10 lists.

These points show aåÊgeneral rule of thumb as some sales lead videos can do very well in the social media sphere and not all viral videos go viral, however if you take them on board your video marketing campaigns could go from strength to strength.

I hope this has been of interest and if you would like to discuss your next video production or complete video marketing campaign please give Will or Andy a call on 01273 911345 or contact them via email.

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