Echo Video are a full service video production handling every aspect of your video production in-house. We’ll work as your video partner to develop your idea and find the best video solution for your brand. We enjoy a very close working relationship with our clients and are always very open and honest in every aspect of what we do. There are no hidden costs and no stress or worry when you work with Echo Video.

We’ve worked alongside some of the biggest global brands for over a decade creating video content that delivers. Our experience spans the breadth of industry from the smallest of SMEs to the largest corporations with each company looking for something different. Our flexible pricing structure allows companies with smaller budgets to benefit from a high quality video for their website or social media to inform their audience, entertain and help convert views into sales.

Since 2007 we’ve worked with companies across a number of different sectors including education, manufacturing and insurance. We are also incredibly proud of the work we have done within the real estate and property development industry. Using techniques such as long term timelapse and aerial filming we have followed large construction and refurbishment projects from inception to completion capturing unique and fascinating footage along the way.

Our approach to every new project and client is the same – we want to really understand your business needs and see how a video can fit into your marketing strategy. Who’s it for, what’s the tone, what do you want the video to do for you? We achieve this by spending time with each client and making sure we’re always on the end of the line to answer any questions or discuss any ideas.

Once we have a clear concept we can start moving ahead with pre-production. We’ll help script and storyboard the idea and layout a clear schedule for work in order to complete the video by the agreed deadline. Nothing progresses until everyone is on the same page so clear communication is vital – there are no nasty surprises!

Whether we’re filming or creating an animation you’re involved every step of the way. From casting to design, from music to on-screen graphics, this is your video we’re crafting for your company so you get the final say on everything.