Here at Echo we love aerial filming from helicopters and drones, to be more exact we love how aerial footage can be used to help tell a story and how it can wow audiences. A well executed aerial shot can be worth every second it’s on screen.

With fierce competition for your audience’s time, it’s more important than ever to make your video stands out from the crowd. An opening sequence with a wow factor can hook the viewer in. Drones and aerial filming are great for this as they allow us to capture angles that were previously impossible or prohibitively expensive to achieve.

We like to supply two crew members when using drones ensuring that we capture the best shots possible. We have various drone and camera options available tailored to fit almost any budget and requirement. All of our drone pilots hold a CAA license and have the necessary insurance cover, so you can be confident in hiring us. We also stay up to date with all the latest drone laws UK to ensure we operate within the law.

Helicopters are another fantastic option for capturing those unique shots. They are great for filming over densely populated areas such as major cities and anywhere where the range of a drone just isn’t sufficient. They also lend themselves very well to extended shoot times as you aren’t reliant on batteries.

We are able to organise a range of cameras and stabilisation equipment, including the Red Epic, Alexa Mini, cineflex systems and the Shotover F1 6 axis gyro stabilised gimbal. All of our crews are highly experienced in aerial cinematography and flying for film.