There are so many reasons to pick an animated video for your project and so different types of animated video to choose from whether it’s 2D or 3D. We are always more than happy to discuss the options with you and work out what will suit your project and brand best.

For some of our clients a traditional live action video simply isn’t the right option when it comes to a corporate or promotional video. This could be because they’re trying to explain a complex process or service. Maybe they need to create a video for a global audience or perhaps they just don’t want to appear on camera. Whatever the reason, Echo Video will work with you to produce a dynamic and engaging animated video that will do the job you need it to do and will fit your budget.

We can work with an existing idea or develop an idea from scratch and produce all of the graphics by using one of our extremely talented illustrators or graphic designers. In order to develop a clear story and ensure all parties are happy with the content we always plan, plan, plan. This involves the production of storyboards for animation projects. Once the animating has been started it’s not as quick and easy to go back and change, add or remove elements compared to conventional video editing so these storyboards act as a first cut, so all the content is signed off before animation starts. If you’d like to find out more about the animation process please have a look at our free Animated Video Guide.

There are many different types of animation and it can at times be challenging to decide which type is best for you. This is the first thing we will decide with a client and after a short conversation it generally becomes quite obvious. Once we have the type of animation we then move on to the style, this will be usually be influenced by the company’s branding guidelines. Here is a brief outline of the main animation types you can expect to see in a video marketing campaign.

Stop motion animation – This is one of the oldest types of animation and it very time consuming to produce. It’s created “in camera” by moving figures or models each time you take a shot.  You would choose this type of animation if you love a bit of Wallace and Grommit, seeing something physical on screen and the creative look it produces.
Animated product overview – this type of animation can be either 2D or 3D and be presented in any style. Its purpose is to highlight the features of a product, to pick out specific functions and give viewers a close up look of the product.
Animated service video overview – this animation would be the same as the product overview but for services. These animated videos are great for bring life to subjects that aren’t particularly exciting or outlining a more complex service.
Whiteboard animations – these generally consist of a hand either drawing on the ‘whiteboard’, the white background, or moving the graphics around to build a picture and story. These are great if you want to explain how a piece of software works but if you like this particular style it can be used for a range of videos.
Animated explainer videos – these portray the same information as whiteboard animations but are presented in a different style either using character animation or iconography animation.
Exploded 3D animations – If your product is very technical or you want to highlight a mechanism deep within a product an exploded 3D animation would be for you.