Brand films

Share your story and evoke emotion

The best brand films tell compelling stories, taking your audience on a journey that evokes emotion and inspires change. Take the time to explore your own story, bringing your passions, expertise and personality to life. With more and more consumers taking note of a brand’s history, heritage and values, a brand film can help enhance your mission in a thoughtful, engaging way.

The aspirational cinematic film

Think big-picture and create a film that’s emotive, draws your audience in and leaves them feeling inspired. These rich-content, aspirational brand films can help engage audiences in new ways, through sharing your mission, ethos, and values.

The craftmanship film

Dive in and take a macro look at your brand. Where craftmanship is at the forefront, brand videos can bring to life history, heritage, and artisan makers. Often including narration from the brand’s craftsman, these films help add value to your product, highlight your values and provide a human voice.

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With over 15 years of experience, we know how to produce bold, engaging, and compelling brand videos that tell your story. From artisan makers and creators, to large brands that want to remind customers they’re still human, brand videos can bring your passions to life.

At Echo Video we love to evoke emotion, drive conversation, and influence change. We love getting to dive deep into your brand to find out what makes it tick, what your big dreams are, and why you love it. This collaboration helps us craft a narrative that’s unique to your story.

We work with our clients from start to finish, from creative conception to the final cut. Integrating our years of experience, creativity, cutting edge technology and products, we’ve got all the tools to produce something you can be really proud of.

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