Drone filming

Tell your story from new perspectives

Lift your project to new heights. Sweep across gorgeous locations. Tell your story in a dramatic and dynamic way. Drone filming and aerial photography still gives the same wow factor as it did when it was first being used. There’s no better way to capture someone’s attention than for them to see something from a new perspective. We’re as excited now as we were on day one of using our drones.

Drone filming

Giving a completely different perspective on life, professional drone filming is the perfect tool for beautiful, ultra-wide aerial shots. With a range of drones available, we can provide you with the right gear for the job.

Helicopter filming

If a drone isn’t suitable for whatever reason, we can arrange and direct helicopter shoots to ensure we capture awe-inspiring video content and photos.

FPV drone filming

First person view drone filming brings a truly immersive feel to your project. Race around a track chasing a car, dive down cliffs and mountains or fly-through business premises and properties. FPV puts you at the heart of the action.

Experienced aerial crew

We’re both fully insured and CAA licensed drone pilots so you can be safe in the knowledge that we’re operating professionally. We take care of all the paperwork and required permissions, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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There’s nothing we love more than drone filming. It’s awesome. It gives the wow factor. And it gets people talking. A well-executed drone shot is worth every second it’s on screen and we can make it happen.

We know your video needs to stand out from the crowd. Drone footage captures your audience’s attention from the second they see it. It’s intriguing to see something how you’ve never seen it before, and drone filming does just that. It lets us capture angles that were previously impossible or expensive to achieve.

Let us soar high into the sky to capture ultra-wide establishing shots, tracking shots, stunning landscape shots and reveal shots. We can breathe new life into your marketing with drone filming that engages, inspires, and showcases what you have to offer.

With years of experience under our belts and the certification that we’re both fully insured and CAA licensed drone pilots we can tailor our approach specifically to your project.

Our cameras and stabilisation equipment include the Red Epic, Alexa Mini, Cineflex systems and the Shotover F1 6 axis gyro stabilised gimbal. We can also arrange helicopter shoots if you’re looking to film over densely populated areas or where the range or altitude of a drone just isn’t sufficient.

There’s no better feeling than watching an aerial video that captures your imagination from the opening sequence. Let drone filming to the hard work for you and see how it engages and inspires your audiences.

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