What’s DVD and Blu-ray authoring, you may ask? It’s the process of adding graphics or interactive content to an audiovisual disc – in case you were wondering.

DVD and Blu-ray authoring is the process used to add menus and special features to a DVD or blu-ray. This makes your video project a lot more useful and meaningful as the user can move back and forward throughout the disc via a menu. Great for additional features such as behind the scenes footage, subtitles or alternative audio tracks and a really handy tool for any offline video content.

We’re very good at this technique and whether it’s a 2 minute corporate video or a full-on feature length film, Echo Video has the skills and tools to produce DVDs or Blu-rays of top notch quality. We can work with graphics and assets you provide or design and produce them for you and even arrange for the duplication, replication and printing of your discs from one of our trusted suppliers.

We’re able to work with pretty much whatever video file format you have to give us and can produce PAL or NTSC discs. If you need help with transcoding or any of the technical details then you can always drop us a line as we’re always keen to help. And don’t forget that we offer a full post-production service as well so we can help you finish off your video or film before transferring it on a disc.

Here at Echo Video we’re always happy to discuss your project and how we can help you produce a fully authored DVD or Blu-ray so if you’d like more information on this exciting aspect of what we do please call Will or Andy on 01273 911 345 or email info@echovideo.co.uk.