We have a passion for live concert filming which stems from our love of music, especially festivals and live gigs. Nothing beats that amazing atmosphere so it’s just a shame you can’t capture it forever. Well, you can! At least you can if you ask us to do it.

Whether you’re after a highlights package, a behind the scenes video or a full length gig we’ve got you covered. Our live concert filming service every aspect of the process, including multi-camera recording, multi-track audio recording, editing and delivery via DVD, Blu-ray and digital. Echo Video can work with you from the very beginning of the process and can help advise on which venues are suitable and help with lighting and sound requirements.

Over the years we’ve worked with a whole range of artists from soloists to full rock bands, choirs and orchestras and we’re pretty flexible on budget too. Most of the live concerts and gigs we film are with a minimum of four cameras but we can scale that up or down to suit your needs. We can also bring along a whole host of specialist equipment such as dollys, jibs, gimbles and action cameras to ensure we capture every moment of action.