Whether it’s a publicity stunt, a live event, a carefully choreographed piece of video content or simply a news worthy moment for your company, Echo Video can provide the cameras, crew and expertise to produce some great PR video content and get your brand some global exposure.

With the explosion of social media, there are now more ways than ever to shout about your company. More channels means greater exposure and greater audience reach. We can be your video production partner to create exciting, engaging video content that could get organically shared and get your company and brand into the homes of thousands and thousands of people. Video content is an ideal way to back up traditional PR campaigns by providing short, snappy videos for audiences to discover and share with their networks. What better way to get even greater coverage of your PR stunt than by streaming it live to Facebook or YouTube? We can can put together great value packages to help you promote your latest campaign.

If your more interested in getting your news picked up by newspapers and broadcast TV then we’ve got you covered there as well. Working with our PR partner Coburn Communications, we’ve produced loads of video content that has been used on news channels around the world. These have included outlets such as Reuters, Associated Press, BBC Worldwide and their flagship programme BBC Breakfast. Our successes have ensured an incredible amount of coverage for brands big and small, so contact us today to see how we can help support your next PR campaign.