Property videos are a fantastic way to engage a wide audience. With the latest digital technologies and the right skills we can offer a range of filming techniques to document a project. From the acquisition of land, through the complete build process and finishing with the final marketing property videos.

Large real estate and land development projects involve many different industries, personnel and processes, that’s why here at Echo we wanted to offer a full spectrum of property videos and services so you only need to deal with one company. Whether it’s drone footage of the land you plan to develop for a public consultation, a timelapse of the entire construction process, aerial footage or photos of the completed build or a promotional video for the marketing push to sell or rent the homes or offices, we can help you with your real estate video production needs.

Working with our partner, PR firmĀ Coburn Communications, we have delivered outstanding results for a whole range of clients. We have a close working relationship having worked on a number of high value projects over the last few years. These include heritage and regeneration projects, one-off new builds and large scale developments. Given this experience we understand the delicate nature of redeveloping a listed building and the shear scale of building a new community.