Case Studies

5 of the best

After 5 years of producing video content for a massive range of clients, we decided to look back and pick out 5 of the best videos we have produced to date.åÊ Now these aren’t in any particular order and they aren’t based on which clients we liked the most, I’ve picked the 5 videos which in some cases are a bit different from what we normally do and which we really enjoyed making and we feel best exemplify our work.

Skinny Machines Live

What a place to start, we produced a live DVD of the band performing at the Half Moon in Putney and they rocked!åÊ The performance was electric and the lighting design was superb, it was difficult not to make this look good.

Artizan Editions

Over a period of a month we spent 4 or 5 filming days with the guys (and girls) from Artizan Editions documenting the process they go through to create amazing original screen print art.åÊ We ended up with hours and hours of fascinating material all of which needed to be cut down to make this short promotional video.


I’ve always been a fan of Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd amongst others, so when ShellClad came to us wanting to produce a slapstick promo video we leapt at the chance.åÊ It was great fun playing around with ideas both when filming and in post-production – possibly our most indulgent video yet.

Foy Vance Live

We were lucky enough to be at Meadowlands Festival in 2011 where we got to film an exclusive performance with Foy Vance.åÊ In front of a handful of people he sang 3 incredible songs which left everyone dumbfounded; well worth sleeping in a soggy campsite for 2 nights to capture this.

Brighton Implant Clinic

After 5 months in production we completed this video in July 2012.åÊ It’s a mini documentary that follows the story of David Bryant who won a competition to have free dental implants.åÊ We had 4 filming days to interview David, his family, friends and co-workers as wellbeing in the surgery for the procedure.åÊ It was great fun getting to know David and seeing what a mssive impact his new teeth had on his life.


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