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How to attract the best employees with a staff recruitment video

In it’s simplest form video is a great way to get information across. But what video does better than almost any other medium is also portray a sense of personality and feeling which is what makes it an ideal tool to be used in any recruitment strategy. When you’re trying to attract the best possible people to work at your company, you not only want the most qualified and highly skilled people candidates available but also those that will fit in and really understand the company’s ethos.

Staff recruitment videos can be as complex or as simple as needed. They could show the intricate workings of a company in order to let potential candidates know about the company and how it does business. Alternatively, like the example on this page, they could be minimalistic, talking head videos. Whichever approach you choose the main thing is to really sell your company as a great place to work and one that will have people clambering to work for you.

Type of video: Employee talking heads
Brief: Production of 5 short, light hearted videos of current staff members talking about what it’s like to work at 1st Central
Pre-production: Concept development
Services: Filming | Video editing | Royalty free music
Approximate Project Time: 2 weeks
Price Band:

1st Central recruitment videos

The short video above is one of five that Echo Video produced for insurance company 1st Central. The purpose of the recruitment video is to portray to viewers what it’s like to work at the company. This information could have been delivered as a list or block of text outlining the benefits, perks and salary expectations from working at 1st Central. However, they wanted to focus instead on the kind of people that work at the company, the opportunities that come from working there and that these people have interests outside of the workplace which is something that 1st Central actively encourage and support. The overwhelming sense from watching the videos is that everyone in them genuinely enjoys working for the company and is only too pleased to share their experiences and this is something that only a video could ever truthfully portray.

If you would like to find out more about how video production can be a part of your recruitment strategy please contact Echo Video on 01273 911345.

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